Taos Travelogue, Day Two - The Festival

I woke up early today, thanks to Mountain Time Zone, and shuffled into the lobby for coffee and muffins. I met Ellen from Ellen’s Wooly Wonders. She sells patterns for knitted toys, and she sells mohair from her herd of Angora Goats. We talked a bit about the festival and she gave me some tips on [...]

Coming Soon!

Dyeing Update

Here are some of the results of this weekend’s dyeing adventure:

I have a mixture of three different base yarns. Stalwart Sock (Merino/Nylon), Lightfoot Sock (100% Merino) and some BFL 4 Ply sock which I’m just going to call Slackford BFL. I’ll be updating the shop throughout this week, first upload this evening.


The diet is going [...]

Little Bit of Spinning, A Little Bit of Knitting

With a four day weekend and no need to dig out the dyepots, I actually got a little bit of knitting and a little bit of spinning done during the quiet times.

50/50 Merino Tencel Combed Top – Sangria, from Cloudlover on Etsy.

This is my first try spinning merino/tencel and it is a very, um, interesting fiber [...]

Got my Kicks on Route 66 (Fiber Rendezvous)

Sorry, can’t resist a catchy slogan…

So the Fiber Rendezvous went very well! Here is my colorful table display:

And I’m happy to report that there was a LOT of white tablecloth showing through when I packed up. I did sell a lot of my roving and yarns. But I still have about 10 new skeins to upload [...]

Speaking of Socks…

I started another one! This one is made out of my own yarn, Lightfoot Sock, and it’s the Sea Diving colorway. I need to make more of this one because I love the way it turned out. Check it out, it is striping!

I am knitting the Feather and Fan sock by Wendy Johnson, and keeping the [...]

Customer picture!

Christine, one of my customers, sent me a picture of her handsun yarn. She made it from my Merino Tropical Shallows Combed Top.

Thank you Christine for letting me show this off!

Isn’t it great! Makes me want to dye up some for myself.

I have one wheel on hand that I have not upoaded to the shop [...]

Yes, Very Busy!


Helios Lightfoot Sock

Mediterranean Fog

Vermilion Lightfoot Sock

Cumulous – Blue Faced Leicester

Verdant – Blue Faced Leicester

Hazy Day – Blue Faced Leicester

I still have lots of spinning fiber that has not been uploaded to the shop yet. Here is part of the BFL. I think the BFL dye job was some of the best I’ve ever done. I [...]

Earth Day Sale

Happy Earth Day everyone! I am going to happily celebrate by taking a long walk in the woods after work and appreciate all the beauty it has to offer.

In celebration of Earth Day I have a sale going on at Slackford Studio Etsy Shop. All green items have been marked down 20%. I already lowered the [...]

It Was a Great Day in Hitchcock

The weather started overcast and there was a chilly breeze off and on but all in all it was a really nice day to be outside. I sold quite a few hanks of sock yarn and only one wheel of spinning fiber. So I’ll have to get busy hanking up more sock yarn this week to [...]

Frustration Haiku

In my cubicle
Bored, tired, aggrivated.
I want to herd goats.

Wheels of all colors
In a rainbow on the bed
Too dark for pictures

Call me Goat Herder
Colorful job description
Knee deep in mohair

Many alpaca
Two acres is way too small
I need some more land

Bored am I here in
My gray desk on a gray day
Dreaming [...]

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